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COMBIFEM is a gentle, low-dose oral contraceptive specifically designed for child spacing, providing a secure and up-to-date method for managing your family's growth. Each of the 28 small sugar-coated tablets contains the key ingredients: 0.3mg Ethinylestradiol, 0.15mg Levonorgestrel, and Ferrous Fumarate.
You'll take one tablet daily by mouth, ensuring a convenient routine. Within this pack, 21 tablets are white, containing the essential components that prevent pregnancy, while the remaining 7 tablets are brown, and they contain Ferrous (iron).

Contraceptive Benefits:

  • Effectively prevents unintended pregnancies, offering peace of mind.
  • Empowers women to plan the timing of their pregnancies, ensuring family expansion aligns with their readiness.

Adverse Effects:

While some women may experience minor side effects, these effects are generally harmless and tend to diminish or completely resolve after the initial one or two months of use. Such side effects are usually mild.

COMBIFEM is a gentle and safe contraceptive choice, with millions of women worldwide relying on similar pills without encountering harmful effects. It's a testament to the trustworthiness and safety of this contraceptive solution, providing women with the confidence to take control of their family planning.

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