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Delay Spray for Men, 5 Pack Bundle Black Cap And The Punisher

Delay Spray for Men, 5 Pack Bundle Black Cap And The Punisher


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01 box OF SPRAY STUD 100 HELP PREVENT EARLY Ejaculation.Punish her

Stud 100 Spray Genuine Helps to Prevent Premature Ejaculation is a famous long-time sex spray of Pound International Ltd, UK. Work to prevent premature ejaculation most effectively.
– Stud 100 is an odorless, tasteless, hypoallergenic, non-hot, non-burning, no side effect spray.
– Stud 100 Brings the confidence, bravery for the gentleman and the satisfaction and satisfaction of his partner.
– Stud 100 Spray / Apply 5 to 10 minutes in advance for best effect.
Stud 100 Spray Delay contains a local anesthetic compound Ldcin 9.6% on the outer epidermis of the tip of the penis to reduce the stimulating signal sent to the brain, so Stud 100 can give the gentleman full control. STUD 100 does not heat the tip of the penis, so it does not lose sensation but still slows the ejaculation in men. Bring sublimation to both when in love.

Manual Stud 100:
Spray 15 minutes before intercourse (time for drug to infuse).
For the first time use, you spray 3 sprays (3 presses), spray on the head or the entire body of the penis and then use your hands to gently massage the medicine. If the amount of using these 3 sprays you are satisfied, keep this amount for the next time. amount of medicine. The amount of medicine used depends on the location of each person.
To avoid the partner’s discovery or to have oral sex, you can clean it after spraying for 15 minutes without losing its effect (after 15 minutes the medicine has absorbed).
Can be used together with condoms, lubricating gels.
Clean hygiene after sex.

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