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Gogynax Vaginal Insert 500mg

Gogynax Vaginal Insert 500mg


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Gogynax 100mg Tablet belongs to a class of medicines known as antifungal medicines. It is used in the treatment of fungal infections such as oral thrush (fungal or yeast infection of the mouth). It kills fungi by destroying the fungal cell membrane and thus cures the infections.


Gogynax Tablets 500mg

Pack Size:
Gogynax Vaginal Insert 500mg, 6 Tablets with applicator

Each vaginal tablet contains: Clotrimazole 500mg 

Gogynax vaginal insert is for the relief of Vaginal candidiasis.

Gogynax 500 mg ​ 
  • Uncomplicated vaginal candidiasis: Single dose for 1 day ​ 
  • Severe candidiasis: Two doses 3 days apart​ 
  • Maintenance therapy of recurrent candidiasis: Once monthly for 6 months (After induction therapy with Gogynax 100mg)​ 

Side Effects:
Side effects: Vomiting, Vaginal soreness with coitus, Vaginal irritation
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