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Lump Sugar

Lump Sugar


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This product is described as a lump sugar sweetener candy designed to enhance wetness, sweetness, and libido, ultimately boosting sexual performance and satisfaction. It claims to make the user "dripping" and improve their sexual life and performance. The candy is said to sweeten the vagina, increase the desire for sex, and provide a pleasurable experience for both partners. It is recommended to be used by women and is described as small cubes of candies that are likable and can help prevent vaginal dryness, burns, or pains by promoting the secretion of vaginal fluid.

Directions for use:

  • Lick 5-10 cubes at once, allowing 1 hour for the candy to circulate throughout the body.
  • The action starts when the user is being romanced.
  • It is suggested to be licked 1 hour before engaging in sexual activity.

This product is marketed as a solution to improve sexual satisfaction and address issues such as vaginal dryness, with the goal of enhancing intimacy and pleasure for both partners.

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