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Original Dragon Delay Spray (12ml)

Original Dragon Delay Spray (12ml)


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Extend the pleasure of love. Now you can prolong your love game and get the climax and control you desire. One of the latest inventions to tackle this problem is the Super Dragon 6000 ejaculation-delay spray to improve your sexual performance in bed and satisfy your partner. This spray contains a medical anaesthetic which reduces the sensations when the penis is touched. Since the main reason why men often do not last long in bed is precisely because the head of the penis is too sensitive, the best way to address this is to slightly reduce the sensations.

It works within 5 minutes of application. After use, you can enjoy the love game up to 10 times longer.
This spray gives you... "the lasting power she loves!".
Vitamin E has been added to increase the energy absorption of the cells.

- Apply to the head of the penis 5 minutes beforehand.
- Easy to carry in the pocket.
- 1 spray gives 100 sprays, so 100 times postponement of orgasm.

For better results:
- Spray twice on the head of the penis, about 20 minutes before making love.
- Repeat after 20 minutes, and after that after every 20 minutes.

..... and lots of fun!

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