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Portable Steam Seat,Vaginal Spa,Steam Kit,Vaginal Care Fumigation

Portable Steam Seat,Vaginal Spa,Steam Kit,Vaginal Care Fumigation


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Discover the ultimate in self-care with our Vaginal Steamer, crafted with medical-grade materials and precision for your intimate well-being. This device offers a gentle, soothing steam treatment to promote vaginal health and hygiene, alleviating discomfort and supporting menstrual cycle balance. Experience relaxation and rejuvenation in the comfort of your own home with our easy-to-use Vaginal Steamer. Prioritize your intimate health and enhance your overall well-being with this innovative tool.

  • Function: The fumigation instrument uses atomized steam directly to fumigate the buttocks, nanoscale water vapor reaches the area directly, and the warm palate dissipates from the cold. It combines multiple methods of thermal fumigation and atomized ion penetration, and the internal health of the source is regulated.
  • Structure Ergonomic design. Fumigation for half an hour, relax for a whole day
  • Deep penetration Various fumigation combinations can increase the temperature of the deep subcutaneous layer, heat the lower abdomen and activate younger vitality.
  • warm uterus to help you get a healthy baby, good choice for pregnancy Keep the massage device away from water. The Massager stops after 35 minutes. Put more water and restart to use again.
  • Security: built-in overcurrent protection device, automatic dry water shutdown, fully keeps your safety. Built-in fuse, the circuit is automatically switched off abnormally, fully keeping your safety

For a long time, driving for a long time leads to hemorrhoids, such as sitting on a needle felt, miserable
In order to-work overtime and sit for a long time, seeing Erlang's legs lead to blockage of the meridian of the buttocks, and the body is sore
Irregular menstruation, menstrual pain, dysmenorrhea
Unclean sex life or private parts are not cleaned properly, causing itching, odor, etc
Poor sleep, poor color, easy to cold hands and feet, dark yellow face, beginning to grow spots
Postpartum care is not in place, causing discomfort in the private parts
the moment of steaming the miracl
fumigation instrument directly uses liquid (herb plant liquid, wormwood water, etc.) to atomize steam fumigatio
the buttocks in the perineal area, and nano-scale water vapor directly reaches the perineal area to supplement the health wate
the deep layer of the skin, the warm palace disperses the cold and protects the nest. It combines thermal fumigation and atomized ion penetration
multiple ways, the internal health of private sources can be adjusted internally and externally.

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