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Samsu Oil For Delayed Ejaculation - 3ml

Samsu Oil For Delayed Ejaculation - 3ml


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Samsu Oil serves to reduce the level of sensitivity of the nerves of the penis so as to overcome the problem of premature ejaculation and prolong your sexual power. Samsu oil is very suitable to use for those who are not durable in sex,big appetite less labor, and also serves to prevent discharge of sentence prematurely, samsu oil for men is easily applied, reducing over sensitivity and helping to avoid premature ejaculation to all men who wish to prolong sexual pleasure both for themselves and their partners. Apply Samsu oil to the penis 15-20 minutes before intercourse, then wash your penis clean and dry with warm water 5 minutes before penetration.

Samsu is natural oil made from ginger root extract, applied to delay ejaculation thus guarantying an awesome time of sex. It certainly helps men regain their sexual confidence and dictate the time they wish to release. It works by calming the over sensitive nerves caused by frequent masturbation of Sexually transmitted infections. It makes those nerves calm and causes a delay in ejaculationSamsu is very suitable to use for those who suffer Premature Ejaculation, loss of confidence and sexual power, and also serves to prevent discharge of semen prematurely.Samsu also contains an antiseptic to reduce chances of contacting venereal disease.HOW TO USE:Use 15-30 minutes before intercourse / sex,. first clean the penis with warm water / cold water to remove dirt, so that the topical medications can work more optimally and the absorption by the skin guaranteed. Apply few drops on your penis with fingers. Wait approximately (leave)15 - 30 mins minutes, then wash your penis clean with water. Before washing, you should feel a slight heat around the penis which is strong evidence that it is working. please note that slight heat may not occur until after 10 minutes of applying( apply just a few drops).

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